Michael J Mannix

Adjunct Instructor

Division of Programs in Business

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Mike is the Co-Founder of Unparalleled Performance, a Leadership and Development practice focused on employee engagement, and Co-Author of “The 5Ls”.

Mike has over 2 decades of proven experience as an Executive Board Member of a global BPO.  He utilizes 28+ years of corporate knowledge to create and administer classes in leadership, management, strategic planning, team building, and business development. 

His experience spans team training & development, operations, client growth, and sales. He helped win, launch and develop many top client’s operations and markets. This expertise has been recognized by organizations who have selected him to serve on advisory boards that have defined and driven their companies' best practice standards for operations and customer service globally.

He has received numerous awards for excellence in leadership, including Gold winner in the Executive Team of the Year category by Best in Biz, Employee of the Year, Best Team Performance by a Country, President's Club, Key Player of the Year, and Carpe Diem Award among others. 

Mike is extremely passionate about leadership and the development of future leaders.  He believes that the true measure of success is gauged by the amount of lives you touch and leave for the better.  Real leaders aren't driven to lead others, they are driven to serve them.