Thomas M Schmidt

Adjunct Instructor

Marketing and Public Relations

  • D.S., Tulane University
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Dr. Thomas Schmidt is a faculty member in the undergraduate Business and Technology Management program at NYU’s School of Engineering. Tom has pursued the intellectual life of what Nassim Nicholas Taleb called a flaneur in his book Antifragile. With a background in political science and a doctorate in computer science, he is an acolyte of Jane Jacobs, especially her insights in the fields of development and social order. Adding in the spirit of his native Brooklyn with an appreciation for the operatic works of Wilhelm Richard Wagner, his wide-ranging but deep knowledge is ably put to use in program design and academic administration; he has developed curriculum and taught with stellar evaluations at seven universities. With over 10 years experience at a Dean level, he is fully engaged with the university’s mission of nurturing and growing human capital.