Daniel J Marcus

Adjunct Instructor

Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport

  • BS, New York University
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Dan is an entrepreneur and attorney who founded his first company, SeatSwap out of his NYU dorm room as a student at the Tisch Institute. After receiving a full scholarship offer, Dan proceeded to bootstrap SeatSwap to the point of acquisition while pursuing his JD as a full-time law student at New York Law School. Upon graduating from law school, Dan started a production company called Relentless, which develops media properties (podcasts, TV shows, docuseries) around prominent sports figures such as Ozzie Guillen, Nick Mangold, Spice Adams, and MLB's Hit King, Pete Rose, for whom he developed and sold a sports betting podcast that can now be heard on the Quake Media Network. 

In the Fall of 2019, Dan was selected to be part of the first US cohort of a startup incubator called Antler, where he hacked together a legal tech product designed to translate legal documents into plain English in the span of three weeks. Earlier that same year, Dan started his law practice, Hustle Law, which has grown considerably in the three-plus years since its inception, catering to clients in sports, entertainment, technology, and crypto. As an attorney, Dan effectively serves as the outside general counsel to a number of young exciting companies and talent including the sports search engine, StatMuse, the aforementioned Spice Adams, the Rugby Football League, a forthcoming gaming-centric television show called Pangea Cup, the NFT project Punks Comics, etc. 

Dan has also been one of the principals of several ownership consortiums that have made bids on various championship motorsports teams. As a professor at NYU, Dan has taught an array of courses across the undergraduate and masters programs including the Business of Esports, Sports Law, and a Legal Skills Seminar. In addition to his role at NYU, Dan has guest lectured at universities across the country and the world including Princeton, St. John's, and the University of Limerick. Outside of the classroom, Dan is a columnist for Kevin Durant's media platform, Boardroom, where he covers the intersection of sports, law, and business. Prior to joining Boardroom, Dan covered a similar beat for Forbes.