Kristin-Marie Pernicano

Adjunct Instructor

Marketing and Public Relations

  • BA, University at Albany
  • MS, New York University
Contact Info

Kristin-Marie Pernicano is principal of KmP Consulting, LLC. Her expertise and passions are concentrated in empowering historically marginalized groups with resources for success (as an outsourced COO), teaching at NYU and using her professional and lived experiences to mentor, advocate for and enrich those around her.

Pernicano’s career began in finance at Goldman, Sachs & Co where she was known for her insight and compliance acumen on securities transactions in Hong Kong, EMEA and Europe. She went on to serve as a vice-president at Citigroup and Merrill Lynch before embarking on her own journey in entrepreneurship. KMP is celebrating more than 13 years of helping companies navigate the structural challenges that come with bringing disruptive and innovative ideas to life.