Pamela S Hannigan

Clinical Assistant Professor

Schack Institute of Real Estate

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Pamela Hannigan teaches graduate courses on real estate economics and market analysis. Her background in economics includes research and executive management in banking, investment banking, and public finance. As a business economist with an extensive background in investment strategy and empirical analysis, she developed a new asset allocation model for The Chase Manhattan Bank’s (now J.P. MorganChase) loan portfolio, applying risk-based industry analysis to set criteria for the bank’s exposure across sectors. She supported the bank’s interest rate committee, providing national and regional economic outlooks and impacts on interest rates and cap rates. She also developed stress tests to determine possible loan losses and reviewed underwriting criteria for corporate lending. In investment banking, Hannigan developed an investment strategy model and published quarterly outlooks for international institutional investors allocating assets across U.S. equities, bonds and real estate. Hannigan’s current research interests include international tax reform, revitalization and development finance. Published research focuses on international and local economic development. She worked on federal tax policy at the Harvard Institute of Economic Research with Martin Feldstein, former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors. Hannigan has also analyzed tax policy and the implications of monetary union for real estate investment at The European Union in Brussels.