Rosemary G Fitzgerald

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Marketing and Public Relations

  • BA, Ithaca College
  • MA, Ithaca College
  • PHD, New York University
Contact Info

Dr. Rosemary Fitzgerald is a Corporate Officer and Managing Partner at Spiderweb Studio, a digital media and experiential learning firm located in Brooklyn, N.Y. Spiderweb Studio has two divisions, the first specializing in transformative digital marketing strategies for brands challenging the status quo. Her firm's newest offerings provide blockchain based digital marketing solutions which offer secure, transparent solutions to reach customers. The firm works with pioneering startups helping to launch over 30 new brands with businesses ranging from industrial IOT and AI, to NFT and Machine Logic as well as numerous consumer products.

The second Spiderweb Studio division innovates experiential learning environments which deliver transformative experiences using media, avatars, 360 environments and VR. Clients include security government organizations, leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as universities such as Northwestern University and Johns Hopkins Nursing Schools among others.

Spiderweb Studio serves celebrity clientele such as Sharon Stone, leading Venture Capital Firms such as Spencer Trask, and Fortune 500 companies such as Amgen Pharmaceuticals, United States Equestrian Federation. Her firm has recently partnered with the Diplomatic Security Services division of the US government to deliver eGaming and eLearning programs to over 75,000 employees worldwide. Dr. Fitzgerald has extensive experience with startup organizations producing market launch strategies to launch successful funding campaigns.

Dr. Fitzgerald is a graduate of NYU receiving her doctorate in Communications and Technology and has been an Assistant Adjunct Professor in New York University’s Integrated Marketing Master’s Program for over 15 years. She has developed her own leading Shark Tank panels teaching courses in eCommerce, Digital Innovation and Capstone and Marketing Finance. Dr. Fitzgerald is also an Adjunct at Tour College development and teaching courses in Digital Marketing, Educational Technologies, and Media.

Dr. Fitzgerald serves on several corporate and educational Boards and is a frequent speaker at industry events on leading media and marketing technologies.