John D Mittnacht

Adjunct Instructor

Marketing and Public Relations

  • B.S. Arch, Rice University
  • MBA, University of Pennsylvania
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John Mittnacht is adjunct professor of marketing at SPS. He has taught the capstone course since 2012, when he introduced the presentation-based framework the course is based upon today. His business and marketing experience includes his current position as CMO of Focus Financial Partners, an aggregator of independent financial advisors who launched its successful IPO in 2018, and his former role as one of the original partners at Deutsch advertising, a privately-held company which was sold to Interpublic in 2000. He also led global advertising for Citigroup-Smith Barney in the early 2000’s and rebranded TIAA-CREF prior to joining Focus. John won a Gold Effie for introducing the Verizon Wireless “Can you hear me now?” campaign, Financial Marketer of the Year for the Citi Smith Barney “Working wealth” campaign, and AdAge/Adweek Agency of the Year four times while managing partner at Deutsch advertising. His Verizon Wireless campaign was inducted into the Advertising Walk of Fame in 2007.