Thomas R Kennon

Adjunct Instructor

Marketing and Public Relations

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With over 35 years of direct, digital, advertising, social and interactive marketing experience, Kennon has spent the past ten years developing, refining and teaching a philosophy, methodology & toolbox focusing on a value marketing model. Building upon his professional leadership experience as strategy SVP, EVP and CSO roles across a range of holding company agencies his mission is to transform not simply the world of marketing but business. The objective is nothing short of better capitalism itself.

Ethical Insights + human impacts = business value  … is the disruptive formula at the heart of this radical strategy method and practice – a procedure required for all 21st-century brands in this emerging, post-advertising era. Thom has founded, launched, or led three marketing services agencies over his career and is a frequent contributor to integrated marketing trade press and industry panels. The just dropped instruction manual (Summer 2022) for it all is volume 1 of The Big Leap – an Ethics of Insights (Kendall / Hunt 2022).