Joanne Tombrakos

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Marketing and Public Relations

  • BA, Rider College
  • M.Ed., Temple University
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Joanne Tombrakos is a Storyteller, Business Development and Digital Marketing Consultant, Personal Brand Advisor and Coach and NYU Adjunct Associate Professor who helps build brands in a multi-channel world. She believes in a digital-first approach that starts with getting your story straight. Considered a SME in personal branding, content marketing and social media, Joanne believes that in the end it's all about humans connecting to humans.

But that is not how she started in life.

She held positions as an advertising executive at both the national and local level in sales and marketing for media giants including CBS and Time Warner, helping businesses use what we now consider traditional media to promote brand awareness and convert customers.

Today she does a version of the same thing except using digital platforms, social media and content marketing. Her consulting services include personal brand advisement and coaching, business development, content strategy and creation and social media and digital strategy. She also offers on-site corporate training in all of the above areas. 

Above all she considers herself a writer, the author of several books, and the publisher of an almost weekly newsletter, One Woman’s Eye, a curation of tips, tools, and inspiration to help you manage digital so it doesn’t manage you. She has been teaching Digital Marketing, Social Media and Real World Courses at NYUSPS since 2013.

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