Michael Patrick Collins

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies

  • BA, Kalamazoo College
  • MFA, Warren Wilson College
  • MA, Drew University
Contact Info
Oct 06 2104


By Lime Hawk Literary Review
Jun 01 2016

"Dead Fish"

By Stickman Review
Mar 08 2016

"Nightmares of Manners and Meat Pie"

By Shadowgraph Magazine
Mar 01 2016


By The Adirondack Review
Nov 30 2015

"Esse in Anima"

By The Inflectionist Review Anthology of Poetry
Nov 30 2015

"Nightmare of Intercourse with Lightning"

By The Florida Review
Nov 30 2015


By The Heartland Review
Nov 17 2015

"The Sacrosanct Mallard of Mamaroneck Harbor,"​ "Katabasis,"​ and "Apostasy"

By Modern Poetry Quarterly Review
Nov 01 2015


By Roanoke Review
Oct 01 2015


By Constellations
Oct 01 2015

"Poem for a Predator"

By RiverSedge
Sep 01 2015

"Mother's Day" and "Epiphany"

By The Homestead Review
Sep 01 2015

"Negatives of Soul"

By Innisfree Poetry Journal
Sep 01 2015

"Nightmare of the Hawk"

By Perfume River Poetry Review
Aug 24 2015

"The Sacrosanct Mallard of Mamaroneck Harbor," "Katabasis," and "Apostasy"

By Sequestrum
Aug 01 2015

Harbor Mandala (chapbook)

By Finishing Line Press
Jul 06 2015

"After High Tide"

By Broad River Review
Jun 21 2015

"Nightmare of the Glutton:

By Red Paint Hill Quarterly
May 15 2015

"Nightmare of Sprinting and Lions"

By Dreams and Nightma
Mar 20 2015


By Grist
Feb 01 2015

"Ars Poetica"

By Marathon Literary Journal
Feb 01 2015

"Before Day Breaks"

By Blotterature Literary Review
Dec 12 2014


By Waccamaw Journal
Dec 10 2014


By Epigraph Magazine
Dec 01 2014

"between worlds"

By Spry Literary Journal
Nov 01 2014

"Low Tide"

By Old Northwest Review
Oct 25 2014

¿Nightmare with Victim, Hero, and Golden Bird¿

By White Stag Journal
Oct 20 2014

Psalmandala (Full-length Collection)

By ELJ Publications
Oct 10 2014


By Driftwood Press Literary Magazine
Oct 01 2014

"American Apology"

By Cider Press Review
Oct 01 2014

"Esse in Anima"

By The Inflectionist Review
Jun 22 2014

"My Soul Discusses the Iceman I Saw on my Walk Home from Work"

By Homestead Review
Jun 20 2014


By Tinderbox Poetry Journal
Jun 14 2014

"Don't get mad at me, Jesus"

By Smartish Pace
May 31 2014

"My Soul Apocalypses My Dream"

By Press Board Press
May 22 2014


By The Penwood Review
May 20 2014

"How To Sing When People Cut Off Your Head And Leave It Floating In The Water"

By Pank Magazine
May 17 2014

"Self-Portrait as a Moebius Strip"

By Kenning Journal
May 01 2014

"Slave Castle"

By Hermes Poetry Journal
Apr 26 2014

How To Sing When People Cut Off Your Head And Leave It Floating In The Water (Chapbook)

By Exact Change Press
Mar 01 2014

"Soul's Parable"

By Stoneboat Literary Journal
Feb 07 2014

"My Soul's Self-Portrait"

By Grist
Jan 22 2014

"Epyllion for Roseann Jr."

By Ishaan Literary Review
Jan 02 2014

¿My Soul¿s Music Lesson¿

By The Broken City
Jan 01 2014

¿Post-Modern Post-Secular Apology¿

By Red Paint Hill Quarterly
Sep 05 2013

¿Advice for Sleepwalkers¿ and ¿Apocalypse¿

By Blood Lotus
Sep 01 2013

"Public House"

By Mobius: The Journal of Social Change
Sep 01 2013

¿To my former yoga instructor:¿

By Red Savina Review
Aug 01 2013

¿Alchemy¿ and ¿Psalmandala¿

By Subliminal Interiors Literary Arts Magazine
Jul 24 2013


By Dressing Room Poetry Journal
Jul 01 2013


By The Subterranean Quarterly
Jun 17 2013

"Nightmare with Reader"

By Mad Swirl
May 26 2013

¿My Soul¿s Elegy for Me¿

By Eunoia Review
Apr 01 2013

¿Confession,¿ ¿Portrait of My Soul in Trees,¿ and ¿Good Friday¿

By BlazeVOX
Feb 01 2013

"Rituals" and ¿Hermeneutics¿

By Danse Macabre
Oct 01 2012

¿Ravensong¿ and ¿Underworld¿

By Glasschord Art and Culture Magazine