November 11, 2021

Schack Grad Students Create Digital Publication to Keep Community Connected

By Joshua Moinian & Jess Solley, SPS Schack '21

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about our lives and how we connect with one another. As we are all trying to figure out new and innovative ways to safely maintain, enhance, and build connections, student founders Joshua Moinian and Jess Solley share their experience building Schack’s first-ever student-run publication.

Josh Moinian and Jess Solley created Blueprint to connect with other Schack students interested in exploring interests in technology, innovation, and sustainability in the built environment. The platform offers students a new way to engage and create meaningful connections. “Real estate students thrive on creating connections through networking. As student leaders, we were determined to create an outlet for the Schack community to engage in new learning experiences and keep conversations flowing during the pandemic,” says Solley. 

Moinian and Solley reached out to fellow student leader Madeline Fernandez to help strategize on the vision for Blueprint and recruit student journalists, who were tasked with writing long- or short-form content to highlight the most important topics at the intersection of innovation and sustainability in the built environment. 

Students who join the Blueprint journalist team benefit from building skills in online writing, audience building, and curating information. Blueprint’s mission and vision is to showcase the diversity of real estate perspectives at NYU, publish original writing by NYU students, and curate noteworthy articles and research for readers. Contributing to the publication offers an opportunity to think critically about new ways to improve the built environment.

The founders are excited to see Blueprint continue growing in post-pandemic times. Moving forward, the incoming leadership team will focus on exploring emerging trends coming out of the pandemic and connecting with Schack faculty and alumni, thereby fostering strong connections across the Schack community. 

When asked about what’s next for Blueprint, Moinian said, “Blueprint will be back in action come Fall 2021. We’ve identified new leaders and an incredibly talented group of student journalists to keep the publication alive.” He commented on plans for partnerships as well, “Schack’s research centers offer a wealth of perspective and information on a range of real estate topics. Our goal for the incoming leaders is to connect with the research centers at Schack and take advantage of these invaluable resources offered by way of collaborating on research initiatives, programming, and student engagement. Jess and I strongly believe this will take Blueprint to the next level.”

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