Tisch Center Scholarships

The Jonathan M. Tisch Center manages a large number of scholarship funds that are available exclusively for its undergraduate and graduate students. Many of these scholarships are funded by contributions from the patron and sponsor organizations of the Annual NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference. The Tisch Center is grateful to its many other donors who make our scholarship program possible.

Students can apply for scholarships each spring semester, and the funds will be disbursed in the following academic year in two installments (fall and spring). The value of each scholarship is generally between $5,000 and $10,000. Students may be eligible for multiple scholarships. Merit and need-based scholarships are available, and both international and domestic students can apply.

Since Fall 2019, the Tisch Center has offered a universal scholarship program for all new graduate students entering the Center’s MS in Hospitality Industry Studies, MS in Travel and Tourism Management, and MS in Event Management degree programs. All new graduate students receive a one-off $10,000 scholarship upon registration in their first semester. The scholarship is disbursed in the student's Bursar account, and can be used for tuition payments only. After successfully completing their first semester, students will be able to apply for further scholarships as outlined above.

TOTAL AMOUNT AWARDED IN AY 2020-2021: $1,286,500