Interview with Markus Schreyer

1. How has your career path changed up until now?
Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to building business models and innovative platforms that transform the way we travel, work, and live. As technology continues to evolve, let’s embrace it as an enabler for growth. However, my focus has always been on the human touch point and creating experiences that evoke emotions. Moving forward, I firmly believe that hospitality will play a central role across industries.

2. Did you have a mentor who helped you get to where you are now? If so, what would you say is the most important thing you learned from your mentor?
The most important lesson I have learned from my mentors is the value of trust. They instilled in me the confidence to find my own path and encouraged me to learn from both successes and failures. Trusting myself and staying true to my vision has been instrumental in my journey.

3. What advice would you give to those pursuing their first business venture?
Quality will always win. And there's no shortcut, no shorter path, to achieving it.

4. How do you overcome risk when it comes to making business decisions?
From my experience working with innovation and start-ups, I have learned to embrace the unknown and take calculated risks. My approach can be summarized by a proverb: "Don't follow a caravan, know your own path." When you believe in a project that has not been done before, commit to building it and see it through. Avoid following the herd and instead trust your instincts and pave your own way.

5. Why did you decide to become a mentor/ investor for the Hospitality Innovation Hub Incubator?
My decision to become a mentor stems from my research during my PhD on innovation efforts within the hospitality industry. Hospitality has historically been disrupted by external players or technology advancements. To foster innovation, we need to actively support and nurture emerging talent, providing them with the resources and guidance to push boundaries and drive positive change.

6. What book are you currently reading?
More than a Glitch, by Meredith Broussard

7. What is your favorite vacation destination?
As the co-founder of the Meta Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on sustainable travel, I have had the privilege of collaborating with an artist collective in Bhutan on the "Virtual Artifacts" project. Bhutan, with its captivating landscapes and unique cultural heritage, has become a favorite destination for me. It serves as a captivating laboratory for exploring new forms of sustainable travel and making a positive impact on local communities.

8. What is your favorite movie?
Reservoir Dogs, by Quentin Tarantino

9. Any last words you would like to share....
Don't try to please everyone. Build what you believe will be a great experience. Be unique, and the best you can be.

Markus Schreyer