November 29, 2023

Starship Interview

What product or service does Starship Rest Stop offer?
Starship Rest Stop represents the future of electric vehicle (EV) travel, revolutionizing the way people embark on journeys with their EVs. We provide a haven of comfort for both car travelers and truck drivers in an industry that has seen little innovation for decades.

How did you come up with the idea for this business?
The inspiration for Starship Rest Stop struck during a challenging EV trip to Vermont for a ski adventure. The struggle to find suitable charging stations and the lack of quality amenities at existing stops made us realize the need for a more enjoyable and convenient travel experience.

Why did you decide to participate in the HI Hub Incubator program?
Our decision to join the HI Hub Incubator program stemmed from a desire to expand our knowledge of building and establishing a business. We saw this as an opportunity to engage with experienced mentors, gain insights into the market, and explore potential funding opportunities.

What do you enjoy most about creating your own startup business?
The most rewarding aspect of creating our startup is the ability to express our creativity within the business world. Starting and leading a company has been a lifelong aspiration, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to bring our creative vision to life.

What advice would you give to someone contemplating founding a startup?
The best advice I can offer is to not start a company solely for monetary gain. Instead, embark on a venture that you are passionate about and one that has a positive impact on the world. When you pursue your passion, financial success often follows naturally.

What is something you learned through this process that you wish you’d known before you created your startup?
One valuable lesson from this journey is the importance of confidence. I wish I had possessed more self-assurance from the very beginning. Confidence is something that grows with experience, and having that initial boost of confidence would have been beneficial.

What does the future of your startup look like in an ideal world?
In an ideal world, the future of our company entails establishing rest stops in numerous locations worldwide, starting in America and expanding as demand dictates. Many regions around the world have an outdated infrastructure that requires substantial improvement, and we aim to contribute to this advancement.

Have you worked with any alumni or mentors on this project? If so, who, and what was that experience like?
I have had the privilege of collaborating with mentors on various aspects of our business. The mentor-mentee relationship has been incredibly valuable. Learning from their experiences, understanding what has worked for them, and applying those lessons to our business endeavors has been a highly beneficial experience for me.

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