March 8, 2022

HI Hub Incubator Program Finalist: Sara Miranda and her business, “Camp Snack”

CAMP SNACK helps you plan your trip and provides hassle-free pre-packaged and tailored meals to accompany the incredible trip experience.

“Easy to plan and order. Ready to eat.”

Camp Snack is one of the finalists in the HI Hub Incubator Program. Sara Miranda tells us more about the business.

What product or service does Camp Snack offer?
Camp Snack offers tailored, healthy and delicious meal plans for people looking to eat well and easily while in National Parks. First, the product is sent to convenient National Park Destinations. Then, the food, gear for preparation, and itinerary arrives pre-packaged. Open the box to pre-organized meals ready to cook or eat. Unpack and cook to enjoy your ideal trip with delicious, hassle-free food.

How did you come up with the idea for this business?
Dina, my partner, was on a family trip with her children and wanted to go have dinner after a long hike in Zion. They arrived to the lodge restaurant and ordered. Even though they were famished, when the food came, they simply couldn’t eat due to the terrible quality. Even the pizza was bad! When they went to Antelope Valley next, the food got even worse! Dina discovered that the beautiful scenery at these parks did not match the quality of the food, and therefore, the parks didn’t offer a complete, cohesive experience.

As a high-end travel advisor, my clients usually expect to eat well during their travels. Since the pandemic began, I have witnessed the rise of national travel, as I get booking requests each week. It is hard for me to sell a location/trip where I know the whole experience won`t be satisfying.  I knew that having satisfying meals and excellent food service throughout the national park journey would make these destinations easier to sell. Thus, Camp Snack was born.

Why did you decide to participate in the HI Hub Incubator program?
Camp Snack could be a huge business given the rise of National Park tourism, but there are still some important aspects to consider. It is crucial for me to get the correct information from mentors to make the best possible business decisions. Studying at NYU has given me many tools and inspiration for my travel agency, and now for Camp Snack. I want to make sure I take advantage of all of NYU’s wonderful resources to really make this dream possible.

What do you enjoy most about creating your own startup business?
Dina and I are passionate about traveling. A well-rounded experience makes our clients (and ourselves!) happy. As travel professionals, we love creating memorable experiences. Nothing is more fulfilling than having excellent meals in jaw-dropping destinations so that tourists can have unforgettable travel experiences. 

What advice would you give to someone contemplating founding a startup?
I would give a few pieces of advice:

  • Focus on an issue that revolves around something you love.
  • Always show up, and don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Be sure to be passionate about the product; you won`t make it unless you genuinely believe in your idea. 
  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

What is something you learned through this process that you wish you’d known before you created your startup?
You need a lot of brain power to come up with the right product! Once you have the idea, there is still lots of room for improvement; it’s important to seek others’ opinions and advice. Two or more brains are better than one! Hence, the importance of utilizing the mentors NYU has provided.

What does the future of your startup look like in an ideal world?
In an ideal world, we’ve created a national delivery food system that provides delicious, healthy food to National Park visitors. People are more aware of what they eat these days, and many have chosen a healthier lifestyle. We want to fill that gap. We want to start locally and then grow internationally.

Have you worked with any alumni or mentors on this project? If so, who and what was that experience like?
Yes, so many! Alejandro Rodriguez Stern Alumni, his business partner, and Daniel Atri (founders of Morpho Equity Partners) helped us with the financials. It was so much easier to understand the scalability of this project with their help. For my assigned mentors, I enjoyed listening to Douglas Rice, who gave me a lot of ideas and things to consider. He also gave me hospitality insights to know how to actually start making this a reality.

I still have to talk to many assigned mentors, which I am sure will provide the best advice for this start-up.

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