May 11, 2022

Tisch Center Spotlight: Graduating Student Series, Owen Wexman

Owen Wexman is a graduating student in the MS in Global Hospitality Management program with a focus in Travel Marketing at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality. During his time at NYU, Owen has served as Treasurer of the Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Society (HTES). In this post, Owen gives us some insight into his experiences and the impact NYU has had on him.

Looking back on your time at NYU, what are you most proud of?

The relationships I’ve established with professors is something I’m uniquely proud of. At SPS the dynamic between students and faculty was one of a partnership or mentorship rather than a traditional teacher/student relationship. Having spent time in the workforce I know that superiors don’t necessarily have the obligation to teach on-the-job skills, so having a professor who’s more than happy to engage and prepare students is wonderful. As a result of these relationships, I built meaningful, long-lasting connections that expanded my network and absolutely helped with my job search.

How has NYU shaped you?

It helped build my confidence as a student and professional. NYU is a high-level academic institution and success here has let me feel equipped to handle challenges in the future. My classmates were truly smart, capable people and engaging with them and having meaningful dialogue created a sense of belonging that alleviated some imposter syndrome outside the classroom. Validation can be hard to come by in life, but the NYU community is supportive in fostering a healthy self-esteem and arming students with the skills they need to carry their education into their respective fields. 

What is something you wish you would’ve known when you started at NYU?

In retrospect, I would have looked through other courses SPS schools had to offer. The Tisch Center is absolutely terrific, however the electives I was able to take outside the program rounded out my education. I took courses in the integrated marketing department and a SQL programming language – it was a great opportunity to meet folks outside the Tisch Center and expand my skill set, and there was room to do more of it.

What was your favorite class, and why?

Oh, jeez, that’s not easy – I know this is a cop out but I wouldn’t say I have one favorite! Anything where the content focus was future facing. The travel industry is so dynamic and constantly evolving, so being able to discuss cutting-edge trends is both applicable and also creatively fulfilling.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’ll be traveling to Ireland soon after graduation, and then I am starting at Deloitte as a Marketing Analyst here in NYC in July!

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