November 1, 2021

Tisch Center Student Hiu Tung (Charlotte) Lau Talks about her Internship at GL Events USA

Hiu Tung (Charlotte) Lau is a student in the M.S. in Event Management program at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality. In this post, she tells us more about her internship this fall semester.

Where are you interning and what is your job title?

I am interning at GL Events USA, a world-class provider of integrated solutions and services for events. GL events provides customers with a comprehensive service offer: Live - event design, production and logistics, Venues - a network of event venues, and Exhibitions - organizer of fairs, congresses and events. My full job title is “Event & Congress Market Research & Data Analytics”.

What projects have you been working on so far?

I have mainly been collaborating closely with the Director of Sales & Business Development, working on corporate and associate event projects. Currently, I am working on the market research centered around the key industries and customers that GL events has targeted; research will include internal and external sources. Also, I am responsible for gathering, organizing, and updating data on office CRM (Salesforce). In addition, I will help design social media campaigns, sales template emails and collaterals for GL upcoming events.

Have there been any challenges in your internship so far? If so, how have you learned to overcome them?

The most significant challenge has been working remotely…this isn’t my first time working in the hospitality industry, but it is my first time not working in-person! I had to learn a new CSM system at home by myself without much shadowing from my director. Communication through online platforms is harder than working face to face in the office, and I often have to catch up by only watching online video tutorials. Another challenge has been balancing work with school. There is no specific time for me to work from home; tasks are distributed to me randomly throughout the week. Because of this, I have found it difficult to manage my time efficiently. To overcome these challenges, my director gives me her full support. She books a co-working space for me to work with her once a week to catch up on everything I do not know how to do at home. I also create a weekly schedule for all the tasks distributed to me throughout the week, and as long as I get all the work done, I don’t have specific deadlines.  I am so grateful to have such a kind and supportive director in my internship to help me overcome all these challenges!

What do you hope to take away from your internship?

I hope to continue building up my communication skills and expanding my network in the event industry. It is important to set up my foundation on how to contact and communicate with potential clients for future event opportunities. For instance, one of my tasks as an intern is helping the company to bid for future events by gathering and organizing the Request for Proposal. It is an excellent opportunity to learn how to use your communication skills to attract businesses to your company and negotiate the details of the existing events. Additionally, GL Events exists in over 40 cities, which provides me a chance to connect with many different types of event businesses in the world. I hope I can establish a strong network throughout this internship which will be helpful for my future career. 

What are your future plans?

After my graduation in Fall 2021, I hope to continue working in the event industry, specifically in positions that focus on corporate and associate events. My long-term goal (after gaining more work experience in the events field in the US) is to have my own event business when I back to my home, Hong Kong. It will be a long journey, but I know that I am doing what I’m passionate about!

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