July 23, 2021

Tisch Center Internship Spotlight: Ingrid Wiggberg, Vision Event Co

Ingrid Wiggberg is a student in the MS in Event Management program at the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality. In this post, she tells us more about her internship this summer semester.

Where are you interning and what is your job title?

I am interning at Vision Event Co, a privately owned event planning company serving the Greater New York area. The company primarily focuses on weddings, yet they have loyal clients in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. Their mission is to give their clients the best possible experience by infusing creativity into a well-organized, strongly executed event that is memorable and personable, tailored to each client's specific needs. My job title is Graduate Intern Event Coordinator.

What projects have you been working on so far?

I have served as a wedding coordinator for two major weddings so far. I have prepared details such as floorplans, lists of hotel guests, and transportation for guests leading up to each event. I have also served on-site as a coordinator, meaning that I act as a bridal attendant and a liaison between the head planner, the couple, and the vendors and hotel staff. I also assist in event setup to make sure the couples' needs are met on their special day and ensure that the event is on schedule.

I have also been working on a fine jewelry trade show for Melee The Show which will take place in early August at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. Throughout the planning process, I have communicated with vendors, requesting quotes, reviewing contracts, and clarifying important details on the clients' behalf. I have been actively updating the evolving run-of-show (timeline) for this exciting multi-day event.

The last project I have been working on is a fundraiser event for the Covenant Foundation, a nonprofit organization. I have researched catering and venue options for the event, conducted a site visit, and assisted with coordinating event logistics.

Have there been any challenges in your internship so far? If so, how have you learned to overcome them?

One of the main challenges is getting in touch with vendors, venues, and other professionals in a timely manner. Because many employees and business owners are working remotely, they are not as available as they would be if they were on site. The challenge is waiting for answers to deliver to clients and demonstrating patience. As the city is coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, some venues still have restrictions in place, and some are still temporarily closed. This narrows down many options. I've learned that the best solution is to have compassion and to be respectful of what clients and businesses feel comfortable doing at this stage, and to comply with whatever protocol is in place. Also, it is key to have patience regarding the timeliness of responses and communicate this reality to the clients so they do not become frustrated.

What do you hope to take away from your internship?

First and foremost, I hope to expand my professional circle through vast networking. Meeting with other event professionals, vendors, and contacts at venues and maintaining those relationships will help foster a successful career in the future. Additionally, I hope to challenge myself by learning essential skills in the logistical aspects of event planning, specifically when it comes to the corporate sector of events. Working onsite at the Melee Trade Show and participating in the planning of this event has definitely given me insight so far.

What are your future plans?

Upon graduation, I hope to earn a leadership role as the main event planner or coordinator for a prestigious hotel or iconic NYC venue. I thoroughly enjoy ironing out every detail in the event planning process, building rapport with clients, maintaining existing relationships, and helping make clients’ visions come to reality in the form of a beautifully executed event. After gaining several years of solid event experience by working in a structured environment, I am open to the possibility of starting my own independent event planning company. Most of all, I hope to share the joy of my profession with fellow colleagues, enlighten others as to why event planners have a critical role in the world, and serve as a mentor to rising professionals who share the same level of passion in my industry.


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