October 8, 2019

January in Abu Dhabi and Dubai: new study away intensive at the Tisch Center

A new study away program is launching at the Tisch Center! This J-term experience in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be led by Professor Karaburun, who tells us more about the course in this post.

Why did you select Abu Dhabi and Dubai as a study away destination for this J-Term? 

When I was advising my students last year, I was asked many times about J-term offerings, and whether the Tisch Center offered any courses then. I approached the administration and told them that there was a huge demand for a J-term course and asked if we could open a J-term class. We selected a study away experience at our campus in Abu Dhabi because it is  a very unique destination, and many students would want to get away from the January cold and enjoy the warmer weather.

What will the students see and do in Abu Dhabi and Dubai? 

This course will focus on destination marketing: how to create a destination brand for tourism promotion. The program will have its base at NYU Abu Dhabi, but we will also visit nearby Dubai. We are very fortunate as two of our alumni work in the region: one for Visit Abu Dhabi and one for Visit Dubai. I am working with both of them to put together an interesting program for the students.

In Abu Dhabi, we will visit famous tourist destinations such as the UAE Presidential Palace and the world-famous mosque, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center. This is one of the largest mosques in the Middle East. We are also going to visit the Emirates and Epiott Headquarters. Additionally, we will be exploring the newly opened Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi. In Dubai, we will see the Golden Spice Markets, the Burj Khalifa (a seven star hotel), and the Dubai Mall and Aquarium. We’ll also visit museums and go on a desert safari. Finally, we will be visiting the Dubai Tourism Office and visit the Expo 2020, which we will see before it even opens to the public. Students will gain first hand experience to Middle Eastern attractions as well as meet with executives in hospitality. 

Abu Dhabi is a very popular tourism destination, yet many people may not be familiar with the culture. What do you wish more people would know about the Middle East, specifically Abu Dhabi and Dubai? 

There is a big perception gap especially in American markets where a lot of people in America think it is not safe, especially for single women. However, in reality, it is actually very popular and safe. I think students will be amazed at what cultural and entertainment offerings Abu Dhabi and Dubai have to offer. 

What do you hope students take away from their experience studying away in Abu Dhabi and Dubai? 

I hope students gain a different perspective of the Middle East. I also hope they experience the Arabian culture, experience delicious food and be able to really understand the Middle Eastern approach to hospitality. Ultimately, I would like to increase my students cultural sensitivity and awareness, especially when it comes to the Middle East.    

Is there anything else you’d like to share? 

I am super excited because I have been to Dubai many times and now I can share my knowledge of the destination in this first ever J-term course at the Tisch Center. I am looking forward to showing students every angle of the hospitality business, from transportation to local guides, restaurants, attractions, tour operators and museums. At the end of the trip, the students will hopefully have a solid understanding of tourism stakeholders in destination marketing.    

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