September 6, 2019

Internship spotlight: Marriott International

Rachel Colbus is a sophomore in the BS Hotel and Tourism Management. In this interview, she tells us about her summer internship experience.


Where did you intern and what was your job title? 

I interned at Marriott International Headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, and my job title was Revenue Management Advisory Services Intern. 

What were some of your responsibilities? 

One of my responsibilities included Special Corporate Pricing. I would input specific prices and numbers to produce a proper rate into the Marriott system. I also had many opportunities to shadow revenue managers and have conversations with senior leaders. The intern program also included special talks with Vice Presidents of the different departments. 

Is there a particular aspect of your internship that you enjoyed most?

I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to do something beneficial for the company and wasn’t just filing paperwork. I felt that I was doing something helpful and making a significant difference. 

How would you describe your first year at NYU? 

My first year at NYU started off as challenging since I didn’t know what to expect. Being an athlete and also in a sorority forced me to manage my time effectively. However, after a month or so, it was a great experience. There were moments that were tough, but now I feel prepared to take on anything life gives me.

What do you hope to accomplish in your remaining years at NYU and after you graduate college? 

In my remaining years at NYU, I hope to maintain good grades and continue to form meaningful relationships with professors and friends. I also hope to gain a better understanding of the hospitality industry along with all of its different aspects. 

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