September 10, 2019

Faculty spotlight: Dr. Vanja Bogicevic

This semester, we welcomed Dr. Vanja Bogicevic to the Tisch Center as a Clinical Assistant Professor. She shares her prior experience, upcoming projects and interests with us in this post.


Education & Career Path: 

I hold a Ph.D in Consumer Sciences from The Ohio State University, an M.S. in Hospitality Administration Management from the College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership, University of South Florida; and an M.Arch. and a B.Arch. in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. Prior to joining the Tisch Center in September 2019, I spent five years at the Ohio State, first as a lecturer, the role that I continued through my doctoral studies, and then as a Visiting Assistant Professor. While at the Ohio State, I developed research interest in virtual reality in marketing where I ran a VR Research Laboratory.  Aside from conducting research in consumer behavior and services marketing, I was actively involved in enhancing student learning experiences through Second Year Transformational Experience mentorship program and tourism & culture themed education abroad in Indonesia.

During my time in Florida, I provided design consulting services to College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership and Blake Medical Center. Prior to pursuing my graduate education in the U.S., I worked in interior design and architectural visualization studios. My diverse background in hospitality and design helps me bring a different perspective to classroom and research. I am happy to join the community of Tisch Center tourism and hospitality students, academics and professionals!

Role at the Tisch Center:

In addition to teaching marketing and research-related classes, I will mentor and advise students, and assist Dean Graf on the development of the hospitality technology incubator and provide service to the department.

Fun Facts:

I love traveling and meeting local residents (despite the language barrier in some countries 😊), eating spicy food, DIY crafts and home improvement projects, hanging out at festivals of all sorts, and spending time with my cat Milica. In my free time, I am practicing my Spanish with my friends.

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