May 27, 2020

Windows into Business English

By Christine Trotter

As a culminating project in Business English II, taught by Suzanne Kaplan-Fonseca, ELI students from Austria, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and Switzerland gave presentations and facilitated discussions on topics of their choice. The project afforded the students an opportunity to use the presentation skills, vocabulary, and discussion-leading strategies they had learned during the term.

3 part image/ad for sustainability, gender equality and equal pay
Slide From Leticia Graca Generoso Pereira’s Presentation

Topics ranged from business issues during a pandemic to gender and pay-equity issues–and almost everything in between. Students engaged with, and learned from, each other, providing detailed feedback to one another after each presentation.

Bar chart of work related stress by age and gender
Slide from Ching Yee (Cara) Lam’s Presentation

Their teacher was deeply impressed by the expertise the students demonstrated as presenters, and the grace with which they led discussions. 

Blurred image with header Oil and Oil price falls
Slide from Anna Edlinger’s Presentation

The online learning platform was a bonus for this project, as it replicated online business meeting environments, and allowed students to easily record their presentations for later reflection.

Text slide - Second Hand. Do you have any second hand products?
Slide From Yen-Chun (Alex) Yin’s Presentation

The screenshots give little windows into large successes. Congratulations to all the students in that class, four of whose slides are included: Leticia Graca Generoso Pereira, Ching Yee (Cara) Lam, Anna Edlinger, and Yen-Chun (Alex) Yin.

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