May 15, 2020

Using the Wall Street Journal in Global Professional Studies

By Marie Honan

Raul Sanchez and Dan Bullock, who both teach at the English Language Institute, recently created a webinar for the Wall Street Journal’s seminar series that creatively demonstrates using the WSJ as a resource for teaching international professionals and graduate students whose first language is not English. For Sanchez and Bullock, the WSJ is a great multimedia tool for building both content knowledge and global communication skills, while enhancing the students’ career prospects. It incorporates multiple formats including podcasts, videos, traditional print, and even a Faculty Assessment Tool with comprehension quizzes. These formats can be used to teach a range of skills from the basic -- how to synthesize information -- to the more advanced -- developing professional presentations.

Man in suit, open collared shirt

Dan Bullock

"Our goal is to help students achieve success in academic, social, and professional situations – whether in presentation skills, working with data, building confidence in oral communication, or writing persuasively.  In terms of realia, the WSJ serves as the textbook – we don’t want to give student scripted material, but authentic content. Exposure to current news and topics is very important for students to link knowledge to trends, so that students can connect what is discussed in the classroom to what’s happening in the boardroom."

"Using realia or authentic material such as the WSJ is important because when we integrate specialized terminology and concepts in our teaching, we also integrate cultural nuances.  Teaching with the WSJ allows students to gain insight into contemporary discourse and usage."

Headshot of smiling man in suit, bright blue shirt and yellow tie

Raul Sanchez

Raul Sanchez is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the English Language Institute and Coordinator of the ELI's Professional English Program.

Dan Bullock is adjunct faculty at the Division of Programs in Business and the English Language Institute teaching Public Relations, Marketing, Business Intelligence while specializing in teaching ESL.

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