November 8, 2022

Couple from India Pursues Their Passions within Different NYU SPS Graduate Degree Programs

Prithviraj Rathore and Chaithanya Bhati, a married couple from India, both started at NYU SPS this fall pursuing different degrees within the Division of Programs in Business. Rathore is studying for an MS in Human Capital Analytics and Technology (HCAT); Bhati is earning her MS in Management and Systems. With more than 15 years of professional experience between them, each quit their full-time jobs in India to pursue their education at NYU SPS.

“I always dreamt of studying in one of the top universities in the world and learning from the best professors and practitioners in the industry,” said Rathore, who has an MBA from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK and has worked in industries like digital payments and software, and HR consulting and outsourcing. “While I possess the managerial aptitude, I needed to pick up advanced analytical skills and techniques, and I viewed the HCAT program as the best way forward to upskill myself and advance my career.”

For Bhati, who holds an undergrad degree in commerce from Christ University in Bangalore, India, and worked as a marketing and product professional, NYU SPS attracted her because “this school has been one of the driving forces of change, innovation, and technology,” she said. “My desire to contribute to a sustainable life for the planet and humankind is one of my core values. I am passionate about using technology and innovation to accomplish this goal. And at NYU SPS, I have the opportunity to study in a state-of-the-art facility with a world-renowned faculty,” she added.

The couple has found their academic experience thus far both challenging and exciting. “As technology advances, companies have access to more data than ever before—and are looking for ways to channel this data,” said Rathore. “As this realm evolves at a breakneck speed, I aim to acquire the expertise to enhance my career prospects and contributions,” thanks in part to his expert professors in his program, particularly Anna Tavis. “I am in awe of her insights, knowledge, critical thinking, and network,” he added.

Like her husband, Bhati has been impressed by the quality of the faculty and the curriculum in her program. “All my professors are amazing, but if I had to pick a favorite I would go with Professor Jimmy Pang,” stated Bhati. “His ‘Managing in a Global Economy’ class is one of a kind. In all his lectures, there are strong data insights on global industries. His classes are very interactive, and we also get to work on real-life case studies and have field trips too.”

In October, the twosome attended the two-day Metaverse Bootcamp organized by NYU SPS, an experience they found fascinating. “As a student learning about the advancement of technology in our day-to-day lives, this was an eye-opening learning experience. In today's rapidly changing world, web3, NFTs, blockchain technology, digital twins, cryptocurrencies, and wallets are crucial as trends across various industries can disrupt businesses, and the metaverse is the next disruptive trend,” said Bhati.

The responsibilities of being both married and college students are occasionally difficult to balance for the pair. “We both quit our jobs to start school together, and managing everything can take a toll sometimes,” said Rathore. “However, being together provides a kind of full-time, readily accessible support, which can be useful in a variety of college-induced stressful situations, including managing workload at home, time management, and even simply venting about a stressful day.” Added his wife, “The best part is we make it a point to attend events inside and outside school together. We also help each other in brainstorming research ideas and providing critical feedback on academic work. More than a challenge, we look at it as a built-in support system, and this is a luxury to us!”

Outside of their studies, Bhati is a student leader at the NYU SPS Management and Systems Student Association. An ardent dog lover, she is passionate about working on providing a better life to stray dogs in India. Rathore’s interests lie in sports—cricket and soccer—and he enjoys learning about emerging trends in technology.

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