November 30, 2023

Meet the Inaugural Cohort for the NYU SPS Executive Master’s in Marketing and Strategic Communications

This fall, the NYU SPS Division of Programs in Business (DPB) launched a new Executive Master’s in Marketing and Strategic Communications, an online degree program with low residency, created for senior-level marketing and communications professionals looking to accelerate their careers toward the C-suite.

Offered through the NYU SPS DPB’s Integrated Marketing and Communications Department, the five-semester degree features one week at the start and four days at the end in person, with the remainder of the classes online. The curriculum was designed to allow students to work full-time as they complete their degree.

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Applications for the Fall 2024 cohort are now open!

If you have any questions about the program and curriculum, please reach out to the program lead, Professor Bahriye Goren, at

Here, several members of our inaugural cohort class shared their thoughts about the program and the benefits of this unique learning experience to their careers and organizations.

One of the highlights of the program noted across the entire current cohort was the chance to meet, learn from, and work directly with leading marketing and communications experts from Audible, Colgate-Palmolive, CVS, Linkedin, and Piedmont Healthcare, among others, from the opening immersion week in New York City through the actual in-person and virtual classes.

David LaCombe

"My decision to pursue a graduate degree is part of a commitment to life-long learning. Also, as a consultant, I view this degree as part of a strategy to stand out and remain relevant in a rapidly changing market,” said David LaCombe, a self-employed fractional Chief Marketing Officer for several small businesses. His background includes an array of leadership experiences in product development, sales, and marketing.

David LaCombe in front of a laptop

“This program is one of a kind. It is a great fit for anyone wanting to assume broad responsibility as a marketing leader. I like how the program emphasizes the practical development and application of strategy as well as the use of data to drive decision-making,” said LaCombe. “Also, the workload is significant but manageable - everyone in our cohort has adapted to managing work, family, and school responsibilities."

LaCombe stated, "There are many benefits to the NYU SPS Executive Masters in Marketing and Strategic Communications. The faculty are top tier, and many still hold leadership roles in the C-Suite. Our student cohort is diverse, and we have grown close quickly. And the curriculum is developed for senior marketing professionals. The combination of these things will help differentiate me as a valuable member of leadership teams at my client organizations."

Kara Guioguio

According to Kara Guioguio, managing director at media.Xchange, an award-winning public relations firm, “The Executive Master’s in Marketing and Strategic Communications at NYU SPS is the perfect intersection of my personal goals for further studies and my professional work commitments, as it offers flexibility for my schedule.”

Kara Guioguio eatting out at a pizza place

“The program offers an in-depth study of marketing's foundational concepts—which I've longed to understand in a fuller sense as a communications professional. By integrating these principles with my work experience, I anticipate significant personal and intellectual growth. In the future, I aim to create timeless and impactful marketing and communications campaigns that will allow people to reimagine and re-engage in furthering their advocacies and missions. Even in the course's early stages, I'm delving into advanced skills like data analytics, giving me an edge in my industry,” she added.

“NYU SPS has meticulously designed this program, balancing academic rigor with real-world insights…it sets a benchmark [for training] for the next generation of innovation leaders,” stated Guioguio.

Nicolas Cubillos

Nicolas Cubillos, a global marketing and public relations professional, said, “This global experience [in the NYU SPS Executive Master’s in Marketing and Strategic Communications] is equipping me with a deep understanding of the strategies and tactics that drive successful marketing and PR efforts that transcend borders.”

Nicolas Cubillos portrait photo

According to Cubillos, he enrolled in the NYU SPS program because it aligned perfectly with his career journey and goals. “With over a decade of experience in marketing and communications, I was searching for an educational experience that not only offered advanced knowledge but also recognized the value of prior expertise,” he added.

“I'm proud to be part of the inaugural cohort in this Executive Master's program at NYU SPS. It's a testament to the forward-thinking nature of NYU. The opportunity to learn from world-class professionals has been truly remarkable,” said Cubillos. “The insights and knowledge I've gained have already had a significant impact on my career, and I'm excited about the potential for future cohorts to benefit from this program.”