December 8, 2020

New Lunch Series for SPS Faculty to Discuss Collaborative Research in the Business Functions

The Division of Programs in Business (DPB) has launched a new conversation series for SPS faculty on applied research and collaboration across industries and the functional areas of business. The first installment in the series commenced on Monday, December 7th, with a lunchtime discussion focused on research pertaining to Human Capital Management (HCM). The forum opened with remarks from Dr. Martin Ihrig, Associate Dean, and a brief overview of the HCM department from Academic Director, Dr. Anna Tavis. 

Dean Ihrig emphasized the importance of innovation at the intersection of disciplines in solving real-world challenges, and Dr. Tavis commented on emerging workplace trends, including the dissolution of silos, the development of more agile and mutually reinforcing projects, and employee-centered culture. SPS faculty discussed their backgrounds and expertise in a variety of fields, including diversity and inclusion, strategic workforce planning, public relations, real estate and sustainable design, energy and environment, and leisure and hospitality. In 2021, the series will continue to explore opportunities for collaboration and research across divisions at SPS. 

DPB is the largest division at NYU School of Professional Studies, with over 2,200 students, 500 faculty, and 6,700 alumni. The Division comprises four centers of excellence that educate leaders in the functional areas of an enterprise. Each department’s credit and non-credit portfolio of offerings serves students at every level of their careers, providing them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in critical positions in their professional development.

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