May 1, 2020

Anna Tavis, Academic Director of Human Capital Management, Co-Authors Workplace Experience Report

In today’s rapidly changing and uncertain work environment, consumer-centricity has led to a radical shift in employees’ attitudes and expectations about their professional experience. A growing number of organizations are undertaking transformative efforts to provide consumer-grade experiences to their employees. Curating Workplace Experience (EX) is becoming the next-generation source of organizational vitality as it taps into previously overlooked drivers of employee engagement and performance.

Anna Tavis, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor and Academic Director of Human Capital Management at the NYU SPS Division of Programs in Business, together with Stela Lupushor, SPS adjunct instructor, and colleagues Paula Barrios-Sanchez and Kyle Borchardt, have conducted a six-month study into EX practices across organizations. 

Tavis and her colleagues define EX as the cumulative experiences staff have with an organization before, during, and after their employment, designed to maximize organizational and individual success. The study shares an overview of the current EX landscape, existing and emerging EX practices, and practical recommendations for how to implement EX across organizations.

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