July 17, 2020

Finance, Law, and Taxation Hosts Financial Planning in the "New Economy"

The Department of Finance, Accounting, Law and Taxation at NYU SPS hosted a live webinar titled Financial Planning in the “New Economy” with Adjunct Assistant Professor, Stephen Wetzel, CFP and Dr. Negar Farakish, Executive Director of the Divisions of Programs in Business (DPB). This interactive webinar included a discussion about the state of financial planning and provided the attendees with practical advice on mapping out a personal financial plan in light of the economic challenges imposed by the pandemic. 

Prof. Wetzel discussed individuals’ deeply personal relationship with money and how a professional financial planner can provide objective financial advice to help people build a customized plan. His advice for those with a financial plan was to “stick with it,” even when the market is volatile, and to set up a six-month emergency fund. He also advised those without a plan to begin defining their financial goals and educate themselves about their options and recommended several books in this area to get started. 

More than 100 participants including alumni, current students and NYU employees attended the session and posed a variety of questions and concerns that highlighted the unique financial hurdles the disruption has caused. The discussion underscored the importance of financial planning and predicted a positive employment outlook for those pursuing a career in this field.

For over thirty years, the Department of Finance, Accounting, Law and Taxation at NYUSPS has been a leading educational provider for financial planners with the Certificate in Financial Planning, a seven-course program that prepares individuals to become a Certified Financial Planner. The program is currently accepting students for Fall 2020, and you can learn more about the certificate here.

[Photo caption - From top to bottom Program Administrator for Financial Planning Jillian Murphy; Negar Farakish, EdD; Professor Stephen Wetzel, MBA, CFP, answer participants' questions during the Financial Planning in the “New Economy” Webinar.]


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