January 31, 2023

DAUS Student Spotlight: BS in Business Leadership & Management Studies’ Julia Anelli

A native New Yorker and mother of three, Julia Anelli transferred from the City University of New York’s Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) to the NYU SPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (DAUS) in 2021 to complete a BS in Business Leadership & Management Studies with a concentration in International Business & Global Management. She was recently named a Women’s Forum of New York “Salute to Scholars” awardee. A business professional with extensive relationship management and sales support experience, she works full-time as a wealth associate financial planner at a major financial institution.

What are your passions and interests?
My passion for knowledge has led me to pursue my education, and my love for travel and my Italian heritage has led me to an interest in our global community, particularly the area where my family comes from in Italy. I am very active and sociable, and I like to spend my leisure time playing tennis, practicing yoga, cycling, traveling, and meeting friends. I also enjoy watching movies and finding comfort in a great book.

Why did you choose to come to NYU SPS and DAUS?
I vividly remember walking through Washington Square Park and observing what I believed were smart NYU students with opportunities beyond my comprehension. I wanted to be one of those students. I knew the DAUS program would fit my lifestyle as an adult learner. NYU SPS’s reputation for professional focus and its global vision reflect fundamental elements of my personality. DAUS’s dedication to supporting less privileged students and those also engaged in professional pursuits was a significant factor in my choosing to complete my degree here.

What factors led you to select your major and concentration?
I have always been drawn to the creativity and critical thinking of business. Business inspires me to create novel ways a company can be more efficient and sustainable. Leadership means being a mentor and a positive example for those on the way up, and I want to be that person for others. My major reflects my entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to communication, connection, and collaboration. My concentration represents my passion for creating a better global business culture that is sustainable and inclusive.

How have you found your academic experience thus far?
As a nontraditional student, I worried I would feel out of place at NYU, but my experience couldn’t have been more opposite. I have been welcomed and genuinely feel at home within the community. Community college prepared me well to thrive in NYU classes, but I have also had to meet new challenges and fight imposter syndrome. I have explored a broad range of disciplines that have guided my ability to identify and solve problems, collaborate with teams, and expand my technology and research skills.

Do you have any favorite professors or classes?
I have enjoyed all of my classes at SPS, but one class, in particular, stands out for its impact on my view of the world and how ethics intersects with business. In Professor Darian Parker’s Political Economy class, I gained a new understanding of how our political systems can address social problems and how capitalistic societies can adapt to have more of a social conscience. As a result, I have embraced an interest in environmental and social issues.

What does it mean to be a Women’s Forum of New York “Salute to Scholars” awardee?
I spent many years as a caretaker and a homemaker, not always by choice. This scholarship specific to women over 35 has helped narrow the gap for me to achieve a higher education by reducing the cost associated with a college like NYU. In addition, it is leading to more gender equality in the workforce. My professional experience has been in a career where doors have historically been closed to many diverse people. The recognition from the Women’s Forum has given me the confidence to move upward and pursue my career in a male-dominated field.

What has been your professional path?
I work full-time for a financial institution to provide a steady income for my living expenses and tuition for college. The challenges have been substantial but learning how to manage a full-time job, and full-time college has led me to better learning outcomes, such as gaining relevant experience for my career, mastering time management, and expanding my circle of influence.

What are your plans for after graduation?
After graduation, I will obtain my Certified Financial Planner certification to seek opportunities as a senior financial planner. A solid financial plan empowers people to live a life of financial security. I will use my experiences and expertise to offer a financially healthy life to people, emphasizing the importance of creating a financial plan to help people live out their hopes and dreams. As I seek out personal growth opportunities, my role as a financial planner will allow me to dedicate my time and skills outside of work to help our youth, particularly young girls, build awareness of financial literacy, which needs to be improved in the modern educational system. I am also interested in corporate social responsibility and sustainability and how corporations can address social issues. Eventually, I would like to take on a leadership role in this area and expand the scope of my professional life.

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