October 20, 2022

Transfer Student Profile: DAUS Student Jennifer Abbate

After earning her associate of science degree in multimedia programming and design from the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) in 2021, Jennifer Abbate chose to further her education by transferring to the NYU SPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies.

With this being National Student Transfer (October 17-21, 2022), we asked Abbate, who was awarded an NYU Community College Transfer Opportunity Program (CCTOP) scholarship, to talk about her decision to attend NYU SPS, where she is pursuing a degree in media studies.

What has your journey been like leading up to joining NYU SPS?
My journey has not been particularly conventional, but NYU SPS is an excellent place for students like me. After many years away from school, I attended BMCC, then this year, transferred to NYU with the CCTOP scholarship for community college students. Because of our multifaceted experiences and backgrounds, NYU SPS students have unique skills to bring to the table to share with and learn from one another. The result is a very enriching academic experience.

What attracted you to NYU SPS?
NYU was my dream school, but the course flexibility drew me to NYU SPS specifically. I absolutely love it here at NYU SPS; the diverse student body, the incredible resources and support, and all of my professors have been exceptional. The varied class schedules and multiple remote options are perfect for post-traditional students like me. I'm confident I made the right decision.

How has your NYU SPS experience impacted you and shaped who you are today?
Attending SPS has already opened doors for me that I would never have imagined before. I stay involved in student activities and have made friends from all over the world. Being here has definitely given me a sense of community.

Also, access to stellar career and educational resources, which gives students a solid base to leap from after graduation, has given me confidence that I will be prepared for whatever path I choose after NYU SPS.

Any particular class or professor that has made an impression on you since joining NYU SPS?
My professors have all been excellent. I want to mention two specifically: Professor Goss and Professor Sliwa. I have taken asynchronous courses with each of them, which can be challenging to create sustained engagement, but they both succeed immensely in that area. In addition, both were highly accessible and supportive, and I have learned more applicable skills in their courses than in any others.

What are you looking to do after earning your degree from NYU SPS?
I'm exploring careers related to consumer advocacy in tech and media. The digital realm has exploded in the past 20 years, in many ways, without regard to user safety and privacy. Fortunately, a more concerted effort is underway to rectify that, and I plan on hopping aboard.

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