March 2, 2022

David Makoso (BS’20), Information Systems Management

We always love hearing from our alumni! It means so much to us that they have taken the time to share how they are doing and what they are up to. It’s wonderful to hear from graduates across generations describe how NYU, SPS, and DAUS made a positive impact on their lives.

The Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies (DAUS) is lucky to have such a strong and diverse network of accomplished alumni. Recently, David Makoso, who graduated in 2020 with a degree in Information Systems Management (ISM), shared his SPS experience and what he gained as a result. Professor Antonios Saravanos, who leads the ISM program, affirms, “I believe what defines David is his remarkable ability to identify opportunities and adjust his path to take advantage of them.”


What prompted you to pursue your degree at SPS? Why DAUS specifically?

Pursuing my career at NYU SPS was an easy choice for continuing my education. Firstly, NYU's reputation as a premier institution was very attractive. Secondly, having had a few years of work experience, I knew that NYU SPS had programs for non-traditional, continuing education students like myself. Thirdly, I wanted to pursue a program that would establish a strong knowledge base of technology systems. This I found in the Information Systems Management (ISM) program in DAUS. And lastly, the division offered scholarships and other sources of funding to assist with tuition costs. After a little bit of research, it was clear to me that DAUS was the perfect fit to help advance my career.  


How did your coursework inform your future goals and current career trajectory? Were there any specific DAUS professors or courses that stood out?

The ISM program taught foundational knowledge that helped me gain employment in NYU IT. The program also opened the door for me to be accepted to Columbia University's Executive Master of Science in Technology Management (EMSTM) program. In the undergraduate program at DAUS, I was able to learn fundamental key concepts, which allowed me to excel in my graduate studies. 

The entire ISM faculty were highly experienced in their fields and very good instructors. I could tell they enjoyed teaching and were even more excited to see students learning. Some of my favorite courses were Project Management with Professor Amarpreet Nanda, Database Design with Professor Paul Acquaro, Critical Thinking with Professor Kathleen Hulley and all my courses taught by Professor Antonios Saravanos (Fundamentals of Computing and Mobile Application Development). The program gave me a substantial portfolio of work that allowed me to add greater value in the workplace. 


What did the SPS college experience mean for you? What did you take from it? Did you participate in any clubs or SPS related activities?

The SPS college experience meant the opportunity of achieving my long-time goal of obtaining my bachelor’s degree. With this gained knowledge, I also received a solid network of technology peers, friends, and mentors with whom I am still in touch today. At SPS I participated in many activities, such as the All-University games, SPS Spirit Week, Coffee and Conversation with the Dean, Global Village, and many more. One opportunity that I really enjoyed at SPS was the professional pathways courses. SPS students were offered one free non-credit professional pathways course each semester. I took these courses to supplement my learning, and they proved to be invaluable.


What are your future plans?

I have recently completed my graduate studies at Columbia University. I plan to continue working at NYU IT while I develop a few personal projects with a business partner. Graduate school was a sort of incubator period for technology ideas, so we might be able to introduce some work that has been completed to a few close investors. There are a few doors currently available, and my job will be to continue stepping through them.

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