May 19, 2020

Emily Long Named NYU SPS Undergrad Class Representative for Commencement

DAUS senior Emily N. Long has been chosen to represent the School of Professional Studies Undergraduate Class of 2020 at the NYU Commencement exercises. Emily will receiveher a BS in leadership and management studies. “I feel so lucky and fortunate. I will confidently go into the world because I have a NYU education,” the new college graduate affirms.

As a result of returning to higher education, Emily says she fell in love with school all over again. She took complete advantage of her education and what campus could offer. She created her very own company out of the Entrepreneurial Institute, where she also had a student job. As a result, she found her community—a place where she was encouraged to be creative, think critically, challenge everything, and support opinions with facts.

Additionally, Emily cites her professors as integral to her education experience: “They didn't just lecture and read from PowerPoint slides; they brought their years of expertise into the classroom and really cared.” She was challenged to get out her comfort zone, which ultimately, she realizes, lead to her growth as an individual.

As she gears up to represent the undergraduate student body of NYU SPS at Commencement, Emily takes special pride in this honor of representing her school and classmates.

“My classmates became my friends, and even some I now consider family. NYU was my oasis where I was allowed to be my most creative self, and I felt supported by everyone who made me believe and realize that my dreams were attainable. Now as I leave this institution, to which I owe so much, I am well prepared to tackle anything life throws my way.”

Congratulations Emily and the class of 2020! #NYUSPS2020


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