August 2, 2019

Web-based Lab Implementation in a Human Genetics Course

By Zachary Elmassian

Dr. Donatella Delfino and Dr. Christos Noutsos have been awarded a 2019 SPS Innovations in Teaching and Learning grant to examine the effects of implementing a web-based lab component and open-source course materials on students’ perceived learning, motivation and achievement within a Human Genetics course.

The goal of this study is to analyze students’ perceived learning and motivation in the course offered in its current lecture/data analysis format (Fall 2019) and in the enhanced format featuring the addition of online labs (Spring 2020). Drs. Delfino and Noutsos plan to collect data about students’ prior knowledge of Human Genetics, motivation to learn the course content, and perception of learning gains, through standardized questionnaires before and after the course redesign. They will analyze the data to examine the influence of the redesign on desired student outcomes.

Congratulations to both of them!

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