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Alumni and Student Testimonials

Our students and alumni are our best advocates. With more than 40 years of graduates in our network, NYU Center for Publishing alumni can be found throughout the publishing industry in all departments and at every level. Below, some of our recent graduates and current students speak out on the value of a publishing education and getting the most out of being a publishing student at NYU SPS.

Jon Cobb, Assistant at HSG Agency, NYU MS in Publishing, Class of 2016

"One of the benefits of the NYU program is the exposure to the many different roles within publishing. By the time I graduated, I had a much fuller idea of the entry points available to me. The skills and industry knowledge I learned in the program were very useful in job-seeking. Every interviewee for an entry-level position loves books.  Very few, however, know how to read a contract or write a marketing plan."

Imani Seymour, Marketing Associate, Simon & Schuster, NYU Summer Publishing Institute, Class of 2019

“SPI offered me an unmatched entry point to an industry that for so long seemed to be a fortress. Within six weeks I became equipped with a wealth of knowledge and industry connections that have allowed me to deftly navigate positions ranging from publicity and marketing to editorial and even sales. The high intensity days at SPI prepare you for the fast pace of the industry while also exposing you to the collaborative nature of publishing."  

Luisa Beguiristain, Editorial Assistant at Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group, NYU MS in Publishing, Class of 2018

"From the outset, I felt certain I wanted to work in editorial in book publishing, and was very passionate about children’s books. Through the program, I was able to learn more about the skills that would help me become a better editor; my courses confirmed my desire to work in trade books and editorial. Similarly, classes on children’s book publishing allowed me to focus my attention into looking for a job at a children’s book publisher."

Savannah Kennelly, Digital Marketing Associate, Little Brown Young Readers/NOVL, NYU Summer Publishing Institute, Class of 2018

“I will forever be thankful for SPI. The advice I received from the SPI speakers is invaluable and serves me still. Having a network within the industry – even before gaining my first full-time job – was so uplifting. The course allowed me to view the industry with a broader lens, which has been invaluable in my decision-making.."

Francesca Cocchi, Assistant Editor, Food Network Magazine, NYU Summer Publishing Institute, Class of 2017

"The Summer Publishing Institute provided me with the industry-specific skills and connections I needed to stand out in such a competitive field. I learned so much terminology specific to the world of magazine media, which definitely boosted my confidence during interviews. Plus, I really value what SPI has given me: a core group of friends in my industry and city. We all work in different areas of publishing now—editorial, sales, marketing and social media—so we learn a lot from each other."

Nick Patton, Pre-Press Production Associate, Crown Publishing Group, Penguin Random House, NYU Summer Publishing Institute, Class of 2017

"I really came to appreciate the high-stakes and collaborative environment that SPI placed us in. Getting to work with such great groups of students on projects we were passionate about was really fulfilling at the end of the day, and it definitely prepared me for the work environment I’m in now. SPI also gave me the opportunity to meet and hear from so many inspiring (and powerful) individuals in publishing. Having the various roles in publishing explicitly explained to me really helped to solidify what direction I wanted to go in."

Brandi Long-Frank, NYU MS in Publishing student

"Since beginning the MS in Publishing program at NYU, I’ve been preparing for a successful career in this industry. My advisor and professors have provided me with opportunities to network with industry professionals. I had the pleasure of interning with through a connection I made through the program. My courses in Editing Fundamentals and Magazine Marketing helped me prosper in my internship, including publishing articles on the new This program has made me feel more than confident about my path to becoming a magazine editor."

Where are they now

Our distinguished MS in Publishing and Summer Publishing Institute graduates have gone on to work for companies and organizations including Abrams, Amazon, Bustle, Condé Nast, Cosmopolitan, Food Network Magazine, Foundry Literary + Media, Grove Atlantic, Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins Publishers, Hearst Magazines, Highlights for Children, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Little Brown Books for Young Readers, Macmillan, Meredith Corporation, NBC, New York Media, Oxford University Press, Penguin Random House, Princeton University Press, Publishers Weekly, Refinery29, Scholastic, Seventeen, Simon & Schuster, Travel + Leisure, Time Inc. Books, William Morris Endeavor, W. W. Norton & Company, and more.

NYU Publishing Student Association (PSA)

The award-winning NYU Publishing Student Association is an important way for students to acquire leadership experience and interact with their classmates inside and outside school. Officers are elected by the student body and work together to plan a roster of event each semester, including community service projects, social activities, and professional development programs.