Frequently Asked Questions

General Noncredit Questions

What is a noncredit class / certificate?

Whom do I call to... Register for or drop a course? Log in to Albert? Get information on my refund?

How do I get a copy of the syllabus?

Where are the locations of the classrooms?

What if I have to miss a class / miss the first day of class?

How do I contact an instructor?

When can I register for classes?

Do I need an NYU ID? Where do I get it?

What Certificate programs are available in your department?

How do I declare candidacy for a Certificate?

Does the tuition price include any software I might need for my course?

I’d like to speak to an academic advisor. Who do I contact?

Humanities, Arts and Writing Noncredit Questions

How do I find out at which gallery a course is meeting?

How do I find out what the reading list is for a Literature course?

Translation Noncredit Questions

Do I need to be a current NYU student to enroll in a noncredit translation course?

Are translation courses entirely online? What does "self-paced" mean?

What does language-neutral mean? Do I need to declare a language pair?

What is the tuition for translation courses? Is there financial aid or installment options?

Is the Certificate in Translation the same as certification?

Interpreting Noncredit Questions

How can I sign up for one of your Medical Interpreting courses?

How can I become a certified medical interpreter?

Foreign Language Proficiency Exam Questions

What is the format of the foreign language proficiency exam? Can I take it online?

How can I schedule an on-site exam at your testing center in Manhattan?

I don’t live near NYU. How can I take the exam off-site?