October 18, 2023

Networking with Confidence: Janel Abrahami Tells How

By Jane Griffin

Vulnerability and honesty. These may not be the first attributes you think of when someone mentions a LinkedIn profile, yet Janel Abramhami, a distinguished NYU Steinhardt alum, career coach, accomplished entrepreneur, content creator, and passionate advocate for meaningful careers, shared valuable insights on how to engage in authentic conversations with our professional networks on LinkedIn.

Janel began by addressing common misconceptions about LinkedIn, aiming to dispel the notion that it is reserved only for an older generation of professionals or self-congratulatory posts. Instead, she emphasized LinkedIn’s potential as a public portfolio, personal brand builder, social platform, and an ‘address book’ of industry peers. She stressed the importance of accurately representing one’s professional identity on the platform. Your Linkedin profile should present a compelling showcase of professional achievements, goals, and passions. Promotions, lateral jumps, or career changes, she explained, are all integral elements that shape the ongoing narrative of your professional journey. “Your unique story,” she emphasized, “is an advantage that can set you apart."

Janel’s presentation was not only instructive, but interactive and uplifting. She encouraged active participation, took her time with individual questions, and provided real-life examples to illustrate her points. Her empathetic approach instilled confidence in the audience, assuring them that making career pivots was not only more than acceptable, but a strength. She stressed that none of us are alone in our career journeys, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose amongst participants.

Janel acknowledged hurdles posed by the post-COVID job market, particularly the significant change in perspectives concerning a work-life balance. These changing attitudes towards the importance of work in one’s life, she argued, have made us aware of what we all deserve in terms of salary, lifestyle, and balance. Janel made clear that this newfound awareness will ultimately empower us to shape our careers in alignment with our values and aspirations. Conversations like these serve as the foundation for genuine connection, trust, and understanding in the professional sphere.

Throughout her presentation, Janel catered to professionals of all ages and career stages with visually-engaging and concise slides. She understood that the world of online networking may be daunting and unknown for many in her audience and was considerate, giving broad advice which could be applied to a variety of situations to avoid the exclusivity often associated with similar networking seminars. Janel spoke with confidence and avoided excessive jargon, presenting her ideas in approachable language, which further contributed to the inclusive tone of her talk.

Janel’s Abrahami’s presentation was a transformative experience for all involved. Her profound insights into creating a compelling LinkedIn profile, developing a personal brand, and embracing vulnerability was a refreshing take on the often-intimidating world of online networking. By unraveling the complexities of LinkedIn and offering practical, actionable advice, she empowered a diverse range of individuals to proactively navigate their careers, diversify their income streams, and tap into“recession-proof” opportunities. Through her engaging and authentic delivery, she left a lasting impression on everyone who had a chance to learn from her insights.

Jane Griffin (MS in Professional Writing Class of 2025) resides in Portland, Maine. A fervent social advocate and fiction enthusiast, Jane dreams of one day working for a B-Corporation that aligns with her progressive values and ideals.

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