August 8, 2022

MSPW Student Spotlight: Vivian Udeh’s UX Writer Internship at Google

Between her first and second semesters in the MS in Professional Writing (MSPW), graduate student Vivian Udeh completed a summer UX Writer Internship at Google. Relocating from NYC to San Francisco for this internship, Vivian explains more about the experience in the interview below. Vivian is also the outgoing Secretary and incoming Graduate Student Council Representative for the NYU SPS Online Writing and Languages Society (OWLS).

Congratulations on this exciting internship! What made you want to apply for it? 

After my first semester in the MSPW, I felt I had learned so much in such a short amount of time. My reason for joining the MSPW is to, at the end of my program, work full-time as a UX Writer/Content Designer and so I wanted to make the most of the summer off from courses. I was searching online for summer UX Writing internships and found this one with Google. Just like the MSPW, it seemed like a perfect fit and I knew I had to apply.

What was the application process like?

The application process involved sending in a resume and a portfolio of written work to Google. Once accepted, I was paired with a recruiter to work with and they explained the rest of the interview process. At that point, you really get a glimpse of the Google work culture. My recruiter was very helpful and clarified all the questions I had. I was given resources that helped to explain the unique Google interview process and I felt prepared for interviews that followed. 

Now, tell us about the internship, how’d it go?

It has been a very enriching experience. I am very lucky to have been paired with my host: manager and supervisor, Amy Suen, who is excellent at what she does. I’ve been able to get detailed feedback and knowledge that I know will set the tone for my career as a UX Writer/Content Designer going forward. The Google work culture is also worthy of note. The whole workplace environment is designed to help you succeed. Everyone is a virtual meeting away and willing to help. I reached out with questions to senior employees and got offers to “jump on a quick call” for answers. It was very welcoming. During this internship, I have met a long list of people and they are all really bright, warm, and talented. I understand now why the Google hiring process is so thorough. The quality of people and the work they do and present are just amazing. And the food on Google campus is really good too!  

What advice would you give yourself, now that you are finishing the internship?

Enjoy the moment. Yes you are there to learn, but take time out to explore the city too. And also, be ready for San Francisco weather. I was shocked that it was summer and still so cold.

Before we end this interview, can you tell us a bit about your OWLS involvement? 

For OWLS, I am the outgoing Secretary and the incoming Graduate Student Council Representative. I came into MSPW seeking opportunities to connect with and contribute to the NYU student community and this has been such a great opportunity for me to do just that. I have learned so much from our faculty advisor, Clea Mahoney, and all the officers I have worked with. Every meeting is a chance to brainstorm and learn ways to bring value to the graduate community here at NYU. When I first joined OWLS former officers Ben, Brandi, and Erin were all very welcoming. In the Fall 2022 semester, I’m really looking forward to our events and working with new OWLS officers Daniel, Brianne, Victoria, and Kayleigh. 

Any MSPW shout outs?

Shout out to Clea Mahoney and Dr. Kristine Rodriguez Kerr. In terms of my classes last semester, Technical Writing taught me so much about brevity and clarity (thanks Dr. Vaughan). Principles of Information Architecture really got into the nitty gritty of organization systems and writing for the web (thanks Dr. Goss). And Promotional Writing gave pointers for explaining an entire process clearly, which really helped make my presentations stronger (thanks Ms. Dabrowska).


Thank you to Vivian Udeh for sharing her internship experience with us.

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