May 24, 2022

Anees Gharzita, MS in Translation & Interpreting Graduate, Selected as 2022 Flag Bearer

MS in Translation & Interpreting (MSTI) graduate Anees Gharzita was selected as the 2022 Flag Bearer. Anees received this honor from the faculty in recognition of her outstanding academic performance and active participation in the MSTI program. Reflecting on her graduation, she shares: “I was looking for an online master’s program in translation that had courses related to science and technology, and this program had more than any other. The core courses gave me a solid foundation, and the electives like Translation in Science and Technology, Intellectual Property and Patent Translation, and Theory and Practice of Terminology helped me strengthen my specialization in medical devices, French to English.”

Anees’ thesis project was advanced terminology management of a Universal Registration Document for an investigational artificial heart. “I had the benefit of already completing two full independent studies focused on translation–one on the manufacture and clinical use of medical devices and one on regulatory documentation for medical devices–so I took the opportunity to expand on what I had learned in Theory and Practice of Terminology, which I had loved. I chose this text-type on the recommendation from one of my independent study professors; based on my skills and interests, she encouraged me to explore annual reports by biotech startups in France. In the thesis project, I learned about how terminologists make decisions, strengthened my research and documentation skills and learned about a fascinating new technology. Regarding domain, I focused on regulatory, medical, clinical, preclinical, manufacturing, intellectual property and financial concepts. It was great.”

Anees’ thesis advisor Barbara Inge Karsch praises Anees’ hard work this semester. “Anees took both of my courses and I worked with her for the last three months on her terminology thesis. Not only did she bring a very solid linguistic background to the task, Anees has the maturity and the soft skills that make working with her a sheer joy. While a terminology project was a new endeavor for Anees, she proved that she can do anything she wants to put her mind to. With analytical skills, persistence, hard work, her proactive approach and the humor to top it off. Congratulations!”

Some advice from Anees: “I would recommend brainstorming some thesis ideas well before the course starts. Even if you have a source text in mind, there are so many things you can do with it. Give yourself the time and creative freedom to daydream and explore different ideas. Terminology projects were not listed among the official options for the thesis course, but the program really stepped up and worked with me to support my professional interests.  Thank you to the academic director, Annelise Finegan, for going the extra mile to accommodate something a little outside the box, and thank you to my thesis advisor, Barbara Inge Karsch for sharing her guidance and thoughts on my ideas even before the class began.”

Anees Marie Gharzita is a French to English translator who specializes in medical devices. Anees has bachelor's degrees in biology and French with a mathematics minor from Hartwick College. Before NYU, she worked in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and clinical trials for medical device companies for seven years. In her spare time she loves translating one-liner jokes and learning Canadian French. You can find her on Twitter @anees_marie, LinkedIn, or check out her student portfolio.

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