December 21, 2021

Center for Applied Liberal Arts Clinical Assistant Professor Raúl Sánchez Provides Highlights of His New Book

This has been an exciting year for Raúl Sánchez, clinical assistant professor within the NYU SPS Center for Applied Liberal Arts and Program Coordinator of the Professional English & Corporate Education Program. He launched his new book on intercultural communication: "How to Communicate Effectively with Anyone, Anywhere," (Career Press, 2021), co-authored with NYU SPS faculty colleague and adjunct instructor Dan Bullock and illustrated by award-winning artist Rod Sánchez, Raúl’s twin brother. The book was selected as a “Top Business Title” by the Financial Times, and a “Staff Pick/Book to Watch” by Porchlight Books. Sánchez shared with us how the book came about and his experience on a virtual book tour this year.

Tell us about your book and how the idea came about.
Believe it or not, it was, “Earthrise,” snapped by Apollo 8 astronaut William Anders, and one of the most influential photos ever taken, that inspired this book. This image was distributed by international media across the planet. It was even credited with sparking the environmental movement and was the first time we as earthlings, had the opportunity to witness the fragility, loneliness, and beauty of our world. It ignited the awareness that “we’re all part of an interconnected system,” and fostered a global mindset.

Our book focuses on that global mindset as it relates to patterns of intercultural communication, which is one of the most valuable skills of today’s global workforce. Each chapter focuses on a different skill— from public speaking to effective emailing to and negotiations. By the end of the book, the readers has acquired the skill sets of a global communicator.

One big “eureka moment” came as the three of us talked about how diverse cultures view the same star clusters, yet recognize them as similar constellations. Pattern recognition is a human trait—one that transcends culture. It was this idea that helped is to develop the unifying premise of the book: patterns of communication. This approach was furthered through the augmented reality (AR) reading experience my brother designed in which the illustrations “come to life” through animation and sound via a smartphone, providing readers with a multisensory experience in areas such as body language and public speaking.

How has the book been received on the road?
In light of the pandemic, our virtual book tour allowed us to reach more people globally than we ever could have imagined. Many virtual stops evolved from simple book talks to full, interactive skills workshops that “brought to life” the book’s chapters. The book was positively received during workshops at three National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS) Leadership Summits, and was also presented through the London Business School Executive MBA Program, The French American Chamber of Commerce, The Wall Street Journal Professor Conference, and the 44th Annual Training 2021 Magazine Conference.

What projects/initiatives do you have in the works?
The goal of a global communicator is to unite the world in understanding, and we’re looking forward to continuing to create these bridges in our work, helping individuals, organizations, and corporate entities effectively communicate across cultures. We’re collaborating with several NYU departments and schools to incorporate new intercultural approaches into the university curriculum. In addition, we are excited to include the latest best practices in our new NYU SPS Certificate in Executive Business English and Global Communications, a unique, interdisciplinary offering between CALA and DPB.

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