May 25, 2021

Anwar A. Martínez, MS in Translation & Interpreting graduate, selected as 2021 Flag Bearer

MS in Translation & Interpreting (MSTI) graduate Anwar A. Martínez was selected as the 2021 Flag Bearer. Anwar received this honor in recognition of his outstanding academic performance and active participation in the MSTI program. Through completing the MSTI program, Anwar shares, “I have been able to gain a better perspective of the language industry throughout most of the courses as the instructors mixed elements of the 'real world' in their respective classes. I have also become more aware of the importance of specializing in, at the very least, one field or subject area.”

His thesis project was translating excerpts from a book, Los Orishas en Cuba by Natalia Bolivar Arostegui, as The Orishas in Cuba: A Window into the Afro-Cuban World. “The choice revolved around a topic that would help me better understand the culture of some of the people for whom I interpret and translate.”

Anwar’s thesis advisor Jean Campbell, PhD, praises Anwar’s thesis process, saying, “Anwar brought both sensitivity and openness to his thesis translation of a text about Afro-Cuban spiritual practices focused on Orishas. This and his professionalism make him a highly esteemed colleague. Congratulations for a work well done!”

Some advice from Anwar: “Always have fun while translating and interpreting!”

Anwar A. Martínez is originally from México and joined the NYU community after making stops in Paris, Rome, California, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Camden. Prior to joining NYU, Anwar spent 17 years in the classroom teaching world languages, combining his love of education, the cultures that created those languages, and trilingual talents. Anwar earned his BS in México and an MA from La Salle University. This will be his second master’s degree.

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