February 3, 2020

Achieving Work-School-Life Balance? M.S. in Professional Writing Student Vaia Trittas Publishes Her Suggestions for NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development

In a piece recently published by the Wasserman Career for Career Development, MS in Professional Writing (MSPW) student Vaia Trittas describes her own journey towards achieving a work-life balance that includes graduate coursework. Trittas, who works full-time as a Program Administrator at NYU, identifies time management, organizational skills, and empathy as key to juggling multiple priorities. Trittas also notes that support structures within the program were essential to welcoming her back to student life.

Trittas writes: "The NYU School of Professional Studies (SPS) grants working professionals – like myself – the flexibility to absorb a full course load at our own pace. The online program offerings at SPS made my return to school a possibility."

Read the full article on the Wasserman site here: https://www.sps.nyu.edu/homepage/careers/Balancing-Work-School-Life.html

To learn more about the M.S. in Professional Writing, visit https://www.sps.nyu.edu/homepage/academics/masters-degrees/ms-in-professional-writing.html or email sps.mspw@nyu.edu.

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