June 8, 2020

2020 Website Prototype Projects by MS in Professional Writing Students

In Principles of Information Architecture, a core course taught by Steven Goss, Ed.D., MS in Professional Writing (MSPW) students learn about information architecture and user experience through the study and practice of techniques used to develop websites and apps. For their final projects this past spring, students were asked to develop a website prototype based on a mock request for proposal (RFP). In response to the mock RFP, students sought ways to match content presentation methods with the specific needs of their target audiences– which varied across projects. After submitting their prototypes, the class took on the role of RFP reviewers and voted for the strongest prototypes. The following student website prototypes were ranked the highest in the Spring 2020 course (in no order):


Virginia Waterbird Rescue
Creator: Raven van den Bosch

Virginia is home to four major flyways for waterbirds migrating from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Every year, people find waterbirds in distress. Due to lack of information and resources to help, hundreds of these waterbirds perish, collectively adding to declining numbers in waterbirds in the United States. The Virginia Waterbird Rescue website was created as a resource for people in Virginia to identify, rescue, and transport trapped, injured, sick, or orphaned waterbirds.


Rescue Waterbirds

Travel to Hawaii
Creator: Sarah Etinas

Travel to Hawaii aims to show visitors how to experience the Hawaiian Islands like a local. Every year, 10 million visitors come to Hawaii. Many times, these visitors remain in the tourist hubs like Waikiki, where they do not experience any of Hawaii’s local culture or natural beauty. Travel to Hawaii aims to introduce visitors to the many cultural activities and natural sights that are known and enjoyed by locals. The website utilizes a chatbot feature, an interactive map of the islands, and attraction information pages written by Hawaii locals.


The Art Suite

The Art Suite
Creator: Theresa Marino

One of the main problems facing professional artists today is the challenge of gaining exposure and finding consistent income. There is no singular online location for artists to connect and sell their work. The Art Suite offers this and more. On this site, artists can find helpful information to perfect their craft, as well as a space to reach consumers by advertising and selling their work on a consistent basis. The Art Suite fulfills the needs of both artists and art consumers by providing a singular location for connection and conversation, as well as creative and financial advancement.


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