April 30, 2019

Carol Lujan, MS in Translation Graduate, Teaches 5th Graders Ways to Use Their Language Skills

By Cayla Delardi

In a recent ATA School Outreach Profile, MS in Translation graduate Carol Lujan detailed her experience in visiting a 5th grade classroom to teach students about the importance of language learning and the kinds of opportunities available to multilingual professionals. Carol engaged the students by showing them examples of popular jobs in the field—including translation, localization, and interpreting—and the ways in which they allow people from different backgrounds to connect with one another and enjoy the same media.


Carol concluded by providing examples of the kinds of institutions where translators and interpreters work, including the UN, the FBI, the World Health Organization, hospitals, courts, and multinational companies. At the end of the presentation, some students expressed a desire to become language professionals themselves one day. Carol noted, “In the Q&A session at the end, some of the kids were interested in becoming translators and localizers and asked about how to prepare in order to accomplish this. I was happy to see that they were so interested!”

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