November 18, 2019

Dr. Kristine Rodriguez Kerr, Academic Director of the MS in Professional Writing, speaks at the 2019 Words Without Borders Gala

Dr. Kristine Rodriguez Kerr, Academic Director of the MS in Professional Writing program, was invited to speak at the Words Without Borders (WWB) Gala to share insights on their WWB Campus: an online educational resource that connects students and educators to contemporary international literature and cultural resources from around the world. WWB Campus is a free resource that incorporates text, image, audio, and video in the sharing of written work from nearly 200 international authors and translators.

In her brief talk, Kristine discussed the power of multimodal resources to create active and layered learning experiences. She also highlighted the ways in which WWB Campus can help educators feel confident about including diverse authors and perspectives in their classrooms, syllabi, and schools. From her talk: "This is a real and recognized need for creating more inclusive learning spaces. With WWB Campus, educators don’t need to be experts in international literature to incorporate diverse texts and perspectives. Instead, they can enjoy the journey of discovery and meaning making with their students. A journey that can be particularly empowering for immigrant, first generation, and minority students that may be celebrating their home languages, countries, and cultures in a formal class space for the first time." Following her talk, Kristine introduced a short video prepared by high school students from Brooklyn, NY in which they explained what having access to international literature meant to them.

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Dr. Kristine Rodriguez Kerr, standing at a podium, speaking at the 2019 Words Without Borders Gala

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