March 4, 2024

Industry Insights: Financing the Clean Industrial Revolution Panel with Carolyn Kissane

CGA Associate Dean Carolyn Kissane recently moderated a panel at the Council on Foreign Relations on Financing Clean Industrial Revolution. The conversation explored the role of private capital in leading a clean energy transition with three distinguished speakers: Kassia Yanosek, David G. Victor, and Mark Wiedman. 

In time with COP28, the panel discussed the keys ideas presented in Kassia and David's article "Capitalism’s Green Revolution - How Private Finance Can Help Decarbonize the Economy" published on the Foreign Affairs Magzine. It emphasizes the active role the private sector, investment funds, and pension and sovereign wealth funds can play in clean energy finance. It also importantly draws attention on clean electrons, molecules, and the necessity for a systemic approach, highlighting the potential for enhanced alignment between government and private sector actions.

Read more about the details of the event.


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