May 30, 2024

CGA's Michael Shank on Global Plastics Treaty and Pollution Future

In a recent interview with CGTN America, Michael Shank, adjunct assistant professor at CGA, discussed the challenges and proposals within the U.N. Global Plastics Treaty.

Shank noted that while the treaty is still in its early stages, it faces considerable opposition from fossil fuel lobbyists and major oil-producing countries. He emphasized the importance of incorporating extended producer responsibility into the treaty, which would shift the cost of plastic cleanup from governments to producers. Shank also highlighed the inadequacy of recycling and the need for immediate action as only 9% of plastics globally are being recycled.

The conversation also touched on the role of innovation and traditional practices in tackling plastic pollution. Shank explained the need for a return to refilling, reusing, repairing, along with the implementation of cost-effective and convenient alternatives to encourage sustainable behavior.

Watch the full interview here



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