June 6, 2024

CGA's Michael Shank on Strategies to Sustain Environmental Efforts Amid Political Shifts

Michael Shank, PhD, adjunct assistant professor at CGA, discussed the adaptable methods to maintain climate efforts across government sectors to safeguard against administrative rollbacks in his recent articles published on Apolitical and FastCompany. 

Making Sustainability Stick in Government Regardless of Administrations:

In this article, Shank noted that the focus is on maintaining progress through versatile communication and structural integration within government. He brought foward nature-inspired strategies such as flexibility to sustain environmental policies. By aligning climate initiatives with universally appealing goals and embedding them into various government functions, sustainability can thrive regardless of who is in power. 

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How Policymakers can keep Climate Top of Mind:

With the upcoming elections that could significantly alter the trajectory of U.S. climate policy, Shank highlighted the need to repackage climate goals in terms of economic and public safety benefits to broaden appeal and ensure climate policies remain relevant and supported across political divides. 

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