February 5, 2024

CGA Faculty Spotlight: Michael F. Oppenheimer Appointed as a Visiting Fellow at Bonn University

Professor Michael F. Oppenheimer, Clinical Professor at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs has been appointed Visiting Fellow at The Center for Advanced Security, Strategic and Integration Studies (CASSIS) at Bonn University, during his sabbatical. CASSIS is a leading European think tank specializing in strategic foresight and its application to emerging security issues in the Transatlantic space. Professor Oppenheimer will be working closely with Hendrik Ohnesorge, PhD, Professor at Bonn University, who has been appointed as Non-Resident Visiting Fellow at the Center for Global Affairs. These complimentary fellowships will focus on two areas: the shifting nature of soft power (the subject of Ohnesorge’s recent book Soft Power and the Future of U.S. Foreign Policy, in which Oppenheimer has the lead chapter), and the foreign policy uses of strategic foresight, the subject of Oppenheimer’s book Pivotal Countries, Alternate Futures

While in residence at CGA during the last two weeks of March, they plan several informal discussions with faculty and students, and a formal presentation on March 29 on the results of their research on the future of U.S. soft power. They will also be working on another book, to be published by Manchester University Press, on the soft-hard power relationship.


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