February 27, 2023

Far-Right Violent Extremism: Transatlantic Linkages

Center for Global Affairs Masters’ students — Meera AlFalasi, Charlotte Finney, Joey Levin, Karly Timmons, Mirko Viola, and Jakob Wolk — worked this past fall on a consulting practicum project for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office investigating the online and offline linkages between far-right violent extremists in the United States and Europe.

The students met with key experts and conducted extensive primary research. Their findings are summarized in this report and were shared in a recent briefing to the counterterrorism and hate crimes units of the District Attorney’s office. The practicum was supervised by Dr. Mary Beth Altier, head of the Transnational Concentration and Director of NYU’s Initiative on Emerging Threats at the Center for Global Affairs.

Read the report here