June 23, 2023

CGA Faculty Spotlight: Carolyn Kissane Discusses the Implications of the PGA's Deal with Saudi Arabia's LIV Golf

NYU CGA Associate Dean and Clinical Professor, Carolyn Kissane, published the article, "Show Me the Money: The PGA Tour’s Deal with Saudi-Backed LIV Golf," in the media news site, The Messenger. 

Professor Kissane's piece discusses criticisms of Saudi Arabia's recent investment in the PGA Golf Tour with LIV Golf due to Saudi Arabia's entanglement in big oil. Along with Saudi Arabia's oil economy, many have raised concerns about Saudi Arabia's politics and discriminations against women and LGBTQ+ groups. 

Professor Kissane describes how money from oil industries tranformed the face of the golf industry:

Money has long been the transformative and controlling power behind almost all sports, from fielding teams and paying players to selling sponsorships and TV contracts. Maybe LIV Golf didn’t have the PGA Tour at “Hello,” but a two-year courtship involving an open wallet won it over – and, thus, money from big oil has changed the golf business.  


Read more Professor Kissane's article here.

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